Story Behind Prestige

Story Behind Prestige Activewear

I'm Lish, the founder of Prestige Activewear.

As a mother of three wonderful children, they inspire me every day to strive for greatness and set a positive example for them. Balancing motherhood with my aspirations, I realized the importance of quality time with my family. This realization led me to explore a side hustle that aligned with my passions and values.

My journey with Prestige Activewear began from a place of passion for both activewear and empowerment. I've always believed in the power of women supporting women and wanted to create a brand that celebrated inclusivity and self-confidence. For me, it's essential that women feel equal and empowered, free from the constraints of competition.

At Prestige, our mission is to empower women of all shapes and sizes to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. Our logo, the Prestige crown, symbolizes the inherent value of feeling like royalty every day. We celebrate real women as our models, rejecting conventional beauty standards and embracing diversity.

We invite women from all walks of life to join our movement. Whether you're a seasoned model or have never stepped foot on a runway, we welcome you to be part of our campaigns. If you're interested in modeling for Prestige, please reach out to us via email – we'd love to chat with you.

Join us at Prestige Activewear and experience the empowerment of feeling like royalty, regardless of colour, size, or shape.